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Sizes to suit any product

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Mailer Box


A beautiful and durable box in kraft corrugated cardboard that's ready for shipping or retail shelves... more


Size                            12.5" x10" x 4"

Material                             Kraft

Quantity                               250

Unit price                           $3.91

Subtotal                          $977.50

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Ready to think outside the box?

Interesting soul, pick a thousand miles

And creative packaging can better reflect sincerity

Today I will share 6 creative packaging

There is always an inspiration for you ~

This is a unique packaging that coffee combined with the car, it can adapt in the blink to drink coffee from anywhere to suit your needs.

This packaging design is absolutely the best, it's shaped like a cow's udder which is not only freaking cute but ergonomic, and the four little teats design gives it stability more.

This packaging idea is not meant to be thrown away but can be re-used within activities that are directly linked to the packaged product and its new owner.

We call it the Brum Box, because after unpacking you don't throw away the package, but transform it into Brum Brum's new home, where the balance bike can rest till its next ride.

The design of the box is ergonomic which makes it comfortable to hold even when the contents inside are hot. That's make environment friendly!

The origami-inspired packaging design is meant for snacks that need shelling before eating, allowing you eat snacks like pistachios anywhere!

This elegant, waste-free product contains 100ml of liquid body wash on the inside. When the liquid runs out, the bottle can be used as a soap bar.