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Sizes to suit any product

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Mailer Box


A beautiful and durable box in kraft corrugated cardboard that's ready for shipping or retail shelves... more


Size                            12.5" x10" x 4"

Material                             Kraft

Quantity                               250

Unit price                           $3.91

Subtotal                          $977.50

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Ready to think outside the box?

Interesting soul, pick a thousand miles

And creative packaging can better reflect sincerity

Today I will share 20 creative packaging

There is always an inspiration for you ~

Space-saving package bag.

Fun and convenient.

An egg box package that can be lifted and closed automatically.

As the box is pulled out, the eggs also rise automatically.

Increase the interactive fun of the product.

Packaging for this wine
After taking out the bottle
Is a wooden bird's nest

Unpack the outer seal

Open the jar of potato chips into a bowl.

Panda and skeleton, two completely unrelated elements blend together beautifully, not only forming a strong visual contrast, but also achieving an unexpected effect.

Red wine bottle design with its own glass.